Why You Shouldn’t Use The Martingale System in Roulette

For sure you know the Martingale Betting system. It is the simple system where you bet only one unit with nearly 50-50 chances to win (like red, even, or 1-18). If you lose, you double your bet to two units. You keep doubling your bets until you win. And if you win, you restart with betting one unit.

So if one unit means $5 for you, you first bet $5 for example on “red”. If you lose you bet $10 on “red”, if you lose again you bet $20, and if you lose again you bet $40. If you win, you have invested $5+$10+$20+$40=$75 and you get back $80, so you have won $5. After winning, you restart with $5.


This system is called the Martingale System and it’s so popular because it’s very easy to understand and it seems to be a system that will work. After all, eventually a “red” number will come, even if you have to watch a longer series of “black” numbers.


But there is a flaw in this betting system, actually there are two flaws. In order for this system to work, you need an unlimited bankroll. While its very improbable to see 10 times in a row “black” when betting on “red”, it can happen. If your first bet is $10, you would need to bet $5’120 on your tenth bet. So if you lose due to 10x black, you’ll have to bet $10’240 the eleventh time. That’s quite a huge sum, and how much will you win in case a red number is hit? Yes, only $5…


But even if you have an “unlimited” bankroll (I don’t have one, but you might be very rich), then there is another, technical problem that makes the Martingale System impossible to work: casinos have put minimum and maximum bets in place. This means that you cannot double your bets each time you lose. Once you hit the maximum, you are done with doubling your wagers and the system won’t win you back all of your money. At the 888casino for example, the minimum bet in Roulette is USD/GBP/EURO 1, and the maximum bet is USD/GBP/EURO 300. So even when starting with $1, already after the ninth lost bet (with $256), you cannot continue with that system.


Having said that, playing Roulette still can be a lot of fun. Just don’t use the Martingale system thinking that you can quit your job because you are going to make a living by playing Roulette.

Good luck!



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