The Myths of Gambling Superstitions Debunked

Do you believe in lucky charms? Do you have talismans like a four-leaf clover, a lucky horseshoe or even a rabbit feet near you when you gamble? Or do you have some other kind of talisman, like red socks or a lucky napkin?

Well, I don’t want to disappoint you, but all of these lucky charms won’t help you winning in casino games. This should be quite obvious: why should the roulette wheel or the slots machine make you earn more money just because you are wearing red socks? As these two things are completely independent – the color of your socks doesn’t have an effect on the slot machines random number generator – they won’t help you earn more money (or lose less).


The same goes with other superstitions, like betting on certain numbers in Roulette. For example, you might have noticed that the last six numbers were all “red”. So should you place all of your money on “black”, because this color is long overdue? No, you shouldn’t. The roulette wheel and the ball don’t know what numbers came previously. Therefore, the chances aren’t higher that the ball will stop on black so that finally that color wins.

This error in reasoning has made people lose lots of money in casinos. They think that if the bet long enough, they will get lucky again and win back their losses. Don’t fall into this trap. Play only with money you can afford to lose and have fun while playing. Because that’s the only reason why you should play: having fun!

Good luck!



Doctor Jackpot

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