How Does The Anti-Martingale Betting System Work?

Have you tried the Martingale System? I hope you only played with money you got through a free no deposit bonus, because as I said previously, this system doesn’t work. So let’s talk about the opposite system now, the Anti-Martingale Betting System.


Of course, when using it in a game of chance like Roulette or Black Jack, it’s not possible to beat the games in the long run. But with the Anti-Martingale System, you can have lots of fun with less risk than with the original Martingale System.


Again, it’s a very simple system that is best explained with an example. I’ll go on with Roulette, but you can also use it with Blackjack and other games. You first have to define how often you want to win in a row, for example three times. So now you place a $5 bet on red. If you win, you bet $10 on red. If you win again, you have won $20 and bet that amount. If you are lucky again, you have won three times in a row and keep those $40. That’s pretty good, as your initial bet was only $5.

And if you lose before winning three times in a row, you bet again $5. So you can always only lose that initial bet, but you can win much higher amounts. Of course this will not make you rich, but the risk-reward ratio is much better than with the Martingale System.


Do you enjoy using betting systems? What is your favorite system? Please tell me by replying by sending me a message.

Good luck!



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