Top 5 Gambling Destinations

So you love playing live casino games, but there is no casino near you? Then it’s time to go on a gambling vacation. Carefully balance how much money you want to spend on the trip and how much money you’ll have left to gamble, and then book your trip. But wait, where should you go? I’ve made a small list of five top gambling destinations, of which one you have already visited:


Las Vegas

This is certainly the first place to go if you haven’t ever made a gambling vacation before. Even people who don’t gamble at all are amazed by this city, built in the desert. The hotels, the shows, the lights, the glamour, it’s all amazing. If you have already been there, then well, read on!


Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is one of the top gambling destinations in Europe. While its main casino is small compared to other destinations, it’s definitively worth a visit. Monaco is the second smallest and the most densely populated country in the world, located in France and at the Mediterranean Sea. As prices are very high in Monte Carlo, I suggest that you don’t stay there for too long. Use the opportunity to visit some of top places of interest in France, or even travel to Spain and Italy to see more than just slot machines during your holidays.



This small “special administrative region” in China has become the biggest casino market worldwide, even surpassing Las Vegas. While this might sound unbelievable for someone who has been already in Las Vegas, it’s true. So head over to Macau to experience even more show and luxury than in Vegas.


Cruise Ship

This is probably a place you haven’t heard about, but it’s also possible to gamble on a cruise ship. This is great if you want to move around and see some interesting parts of the world without having to abstain from playing.  This is also a great idea for a trip with you husband or spouse if he or she doesn’t gamble. Because gambling on cruise ships is usually only permitted in international waters. Once the ship enters a harbor, it’s time to leave the on-board casino and to do something with your partner


At home

Oh, Doctor Jackpot, that’s not a destination you might think. Yes, that’s true. But let’s be realistic: not all of us can afford a trip to China or to Monaco. And even if such a flight is affordable: it costs more money than staying at home. Which means there are more funds available to gamble with. And in addition to this, gambling at home is always possible, 24/7. So why not start playing at one of my favorite casinos right now?

Good luck!



Doctor Jackpot