Special Themed Slot Machines: Play Your Favorite Sport Online

What I love about slots is the huge variety of available games. While the game principle remains the same, there are hundreds of different games and designs available. I’ll present you a few special themed slots machines in the next few posts.


While not everyone loves doing sports actively, watching sport is fun for most people. And what is even better is playing your favorite sports online.


Take for example these slot machines here (click to play):


Sports Slots


These are just six of over 300 slots games available at Jackpot City Casino. You can virtually drive a fast car, play beach volleyball, act as a football star or become the next Wayne Gretzky. And you can do all of this without having to sweat, but with the chance of winning tens of thousands of Dollars or Euros.


What about you, what is your favorite sport? And did you every play a sports themed slot machine?

Good luck!



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