5 Slot Machines Myths You Should Stop Believing In

Today, I’ll have a look at five myths about slot machines.

People love simplifications and shortcuts. Our lives are becoming more and more complex, so any shortcut seems to make live a bit easier. However, don’t fall into the trap of believing into myths when playing slots, as it could cost you lots of money.


Myth 1: There is a magic system to beat slot machines

Sorry that I have to say this, but there is no “magic” system that will beat these machines. They were constructed or programmed so that not all of the money that is put into them is being paid out as winnings. This percentage may be 95% or even 99%, but it will never be more than 100%.


Myth 2: Slot machines follow a pre-defined pay cycle

No, the winnings are paid out randomly, there is no way to figure out a pay cycle as such a thing doesn’t exist. It’s not necessary to change the machine after a small win, as the next win could already happen in the next spin.


Myth 3: There are hot and cold machines

Again, the results are still completely random. Therefore, even if a machine hasn’t paid out for a long time, chances aren’t higher that this machine will pay out a huge win anytime soon.


Myth 4: By clicking in the right moment, you can increase your odds

As said before, the results are random. You can’t influence the outcome by pushing or clicking the button in the right moment, because there is no way for you to know when that right moment is.


Myth 5: Real slots are better than online slots

This is something that you must decide for yourself. If you prefer the casino ambience, then you play at a real machine. If you prefer convenience, then you can play from home, for example at the 888 Casino, which currently offers a nice bonus for new players. The only thing you should consider when deciding what machine is better in terms of money is the payout ratio. And if you play online, you should check out new casinos and claim their great bonus offerings.

Good luck!



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