5 Ways to Make more Money Playing Slot Machines

I have to admit that this title is a bit misleading. The average player won’t be able to make any money while playing slots, because these machines are a game of luck, and the odds are in favor of the casino. But if you get lucky, you should try to maximize your winnings and if not, you should try to minimize your losses. So keep an eye on the following advice.


  1. For beginners, it’s recommended to play at three reel slots. While these machines offer smaller wins, the chances to win are bigger. Therefore, it can be more fun and rewarding playing such three reeled slots
  2. Play at machines with progressive jackpots if you really want to win big. While the odds are extremely low, you can become a rich man (or woman) when hitting the jackpot. Look around at different casinos to spot machines with the highest progressive jackpots. You want to be the first winner for a long time, and not just win a small jackpot because someone else won it a couple of hours ago.
  3. Use bonuses, both online and in real casinos. For online games, make sure to get a deposit bonus before spending more money. And if you prefer brick and mortar casinos, then ask about their rewards club or loyalty card. This will give you a few additional benefits.
  4. Be realistic. Professional slot players don’t exist because it’s not possible to beat the casino in the long run. Keep in mind that gambling should be fun, don’t play to earn money. Consider placing smaller bets or spending less time gambling – this won’t make you more money, but you’ll spend less.
  5. Play online. Online slots from casinos like the ones in this list usually offer a higher payout percentage than real slot machines. The reason for this is that the costs are much lower online: no rent, less staff, no free drinks etc.


Good luck!



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