How to Play Slots: Yes, it’s Easy

Well, at least it was easy, back in the days of the Wild West, with the “one-armed” bandits with just three wheels and one winning line. Back then, you just inserted your coins, pulled the “arm” of the bandit and waited for the wheels to stop. When the correct three symbols stopped on the payline, you won.


Nowadays, most machines have five instead of three wheels, and have different payouts, depending on the symbols on the winning line. In addition to this, multi-line slots were introduced, offering more than one payline. At such machines, you have more chances to win, but the payouts are lower than on the machines with a single payline.


With online slots machines, many of the games have 15 or even 243 ways to win.


The 243 ways slots have become so popular simply because players like to look out for as many winning opportunities as possible. As long as the symbols match up adjacently from left to right then the player has a shot at a winning combination. As the software is evaluating whether you won or not, you can still play these games at a high speed.


So, while this might sound complicated, for you as a player it’s very easy. All you have to is to decide how much you want to bet each spin, and then start playing.


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