What were the Biggest Wins of my Visitors?

I once did a poll among my readers, asking them “What was your biggest win when playing slots?”.


I’d have loved to get more answers, but I only got about a dozen messages. I guess that those who already won big didn’t want to share their winnings in public, and others who “only” won $50 or $100 thought that their win was not big enough to tell me about it. But that’s wrong. Even $50 can be a huge sum if you are short of money or if you have won that amount with just a wager of 10 cents.


So, the biggest win by one of my readers was € 2,519.15, won by Michele from Italy. He won that sum while playing slots at the 888 Casino. He didn’t tell me what he did with that money. But my suggestion if that would happen to you would be to cash that money out and to buy something with it. Cash out your big wins before you risk losing them again.

Good luck!



Doctor Jackpot

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