The 3 Biggest Mistakes when Playing Slots

In this and in my next article, I’m going to present you with my list of the biggest mistakes you can do when playing slots. These are based on my experience, and for sure there are many more. So please send me your feedback if you think that I have missed other, more important mistakes when gambling.


Mistake number 1: Not Knowing Your Limits

In my free eBook Guide and in on my posts on I’ve mentioned bankroll management a couple of times. You should only play with money that you can afford to lose. And in order to maximize your fun and the time you can play with your funds, you should adapt your bets to your funds. If you have only $20 to play with, don’t sit at a slot machine where each pull costs you a buck. Most players will soon have lost their bankroll, and the fun will be gone. However, if for example you only bet 1/200th (10 cents in this example) of your funds, you’ll be able to play 10x longer.



Mistake number 2: Getting Greedy

That’s another big mistake. How often has it happened to you that you were lucky, won a nice sum of money, for example at the Winpalace Play Casino and… lost it again during the same evening? Don’t repeat this mistake. If you win big, then cash out big and continue to play with your initial bankroll.


I’ll talk about mistake number 3 in my next post in order to keep my posts short. And I think if a player is able to stick to the above advice and avoid these two mistakes, he can already save a lot of money. But mistake number 3 has made players lose fortunes. So read on here.

Good luck!



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