The Biggest Mistake in Slots

Last time, we talked about two of the biggest mistakes when playing slots: “Not knowing your limits” and “Getting greedy”. And here is another one, maybe the most important one to avoid among these three mistakes:


Not Sticking to Your Initial Plan

This is another mistake that has cost players real fortunes. Before you start playing, you must have a clear exit strategy. In my experience, sticking two rules are enough:

  • Rule number 1: Define how much money you are willing to lose
  • Rule number 2: Define how long you want to play

This can be for example $50 and two hours. As soon as one of the conditions is met, you stop playing for that day. So if you are unlucky (or place wagers that are too high compared to your bankroll!), you might have lost your $50 in half an hour. Then it’s time to stop.  Leave the casino or close the software and shut down your computer. And if you were lucky and even won some money after two hours, then great! But when your defined time of two hours is up, then again, stop playing for that day.


I’d say that the majority of the players loses their winnings because they make this mistake. It already happened to me, too. I thought that I was on a lucky streak at Ruby Fortune and I didn’t wanted to stop playing after my defined time was up, and guess what happened? I lost all of those initial winnings during the same evening. So listen to me and avoid making the same mistake.

Good luck!



Doctor Jackpot

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