How Safe is Your Online Casino?

In a previous post, I told you my opinion about how fair casinos are, and that they do not need to cheat players because the rules of the games work in their favor.


But what about the safety, specifically the safety of your funds and of your personal data? I would say yes, your funds and your data are safe. For example, online transactions are carried out over encrypted SSL connections, and user data is normally stored in a safe place. In addition to this, safety is the main reason for a casino to stay in business. If users lose trust, they will switch to another operator. So operators will put a lot of effort in the security of funds and user data.


On the other hand, casinos are not banks. So I wouldn’t keep huge amounts of money in their online wallets. I personally prefer to hold only as much money as I can afford to lose in an online casino wallet. If I get lucky and win a decent amount of money, I usually cash most of the winnings out.


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Good luck!



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