The Single Reason While All Players Lose Money in Roulette

As I mentioned previously, it’s only possible to win in Roulette in the short term. You might get lucky and win during one evening thanks to a lucky streak, but it’s impossible to win over a long period of time.

There is one single reason for this: the house advantage. Each game of luck like Roulette has a house advantage. In Roulette, it’s the number “zero”. If for example you place your bet on “red”, then there are 18 numbers that are red. But there are also 18 black numbers plus the zero (in European Roulette) and even a zero and a double-zero in American Roulette. So your chances to win in European Roulette are 18/37 = 48.6%. And with American Roulette, your chances to win are just 47.4%. That’s still almost 50-50, but in the long run you’ll lose your money.


Or let’s have a look at in it a different way: In European Roulette, each bid of 1 unit will let you win 0.973 units back. So the payout percentage is 97.3%, and the remaining 2.7% go to the house.

In American Roulette, it’s even worse: for each unit you bet you’ll get back on average 0.947 units. So the house keeps 5.3% of your bet (again, on average).


Due to the house advantage and because therefore the payout percentage is less than 100%, it’s not possible to win in the long run.


That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t play Roulette. Of course you can, in order to have fun, to relax, to experience some thrills, or for whatever reasons you play. But keep in mind that you’ll lose money in the long run.


And so the most important tips are: if you want to play, play only with money that you can afford to lose. And if you play Roulette, play it at a place where they offer the game with the higher payout ratio: the European Roulette.

Good luck!



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