Is it Possible to Win in Roulette?

After talking before a lot about slot games, I want to move on and talk more about another very popular game: Roulette.

I personally enjoy playing a few games, but only from time to time. For me, it’s so obvious that in the long run I’ll lose money. And that answers the question in the title: no, it’s not possible to win money in Roulette, but there are a few “buts” about this.


It’s true: in the long run nobody can win against the casino. Roulette is a game of pure luck. So there is no strategy and no system that will beat the house. But if you remember what I wrote in my eBook, Roulette is a rather fair game. If you stick to bankroll management (meaning that you only play with a small fraction of your funds), then you can play for a long time before losing your capital. As shown in the simulation in my eBook, when you have $100, play only outside bets (for example “red”), and bet only $5 each time, then you will be able to play 100 rounds of Roulette and not go broke in 95% of all cases.


So that’s one point: While in the long run you cannot win, you can have lots of fun for a long time while playing Roulette, just remember to play only with a small fraction of your funds and to play only the even chances.


And then, there is another point: Roulette is a rather slow game. If you stick to the above bankroll management principles, you can play for a long time. With poker for example, this is a different story. While Texas Hold’em is not a game of pure luck (you play against other players and not against the house), you can lose huge sums there (at least in the No Limit version, where you can lose all of your money at the table in a single hand). So while you will eventually lose all of your money with Roulette, you can play much longer than with some other games.


And one third thing: of course it’s possible to win money, but only in the short term. So if you don’t want to stick to the bankroll management and even chances, you can try your luck for example in the Grand Parker Casino. You could place a few bets on single numbers, and if you get lucky, you’ll get 35x what you invested back. Probably, you’ll lose all of your bets. So it’s time to stop playing. And if you get lucky and hit one of the numbers, then you also should stop playing. Cash out your huge winnings, and stop playing for that day so that you can call yourself a winner in Roulette – at least for a day.

Good luck!



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