Have You Ever Tried Live Dealer Roulette?

If you have never played live dealer Roulette, or if you even don’t know what “Live Dealer” means, then read on.


Playing at home has many advantages over heading to a real casino, but it has one drawback: the feeling and the atmosphere of a real casino are lacking. This is where live dealer casinos come into play: you can play your favorite table games with real dealers. You don’t need a webcam for this, because just the dealers are recorded in real-time and you can see them how they place your bets.


As you can see the dealer, the wheel and the table, you can be sure that these games are fair. And I have to admit that playing live roulette with a real dealer is much more fun than playing roulette like a video game, especially when the dealer is an attractive blonde woman:​


Live Roulette 888


What makes these games so “real” is that you can even tip the dealer in case you were lucky. I’d suggest that you try it out by yourself right now.


By the way, sites like 888 offer various games besides roulette with live dealers:

Live Dealer Games


Good luck!



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PS: Have you ever played with a live dealer? Please send me your experiences so that I can share them with my other readers, just contact me!