What are the Highest and Lowest Odds in Roulette?

This is a question that everyone who has already played roulette a few times should be able to answer instantly. But I understand that having fun at the table is more important for many players than understanding the mathematics and probabilities of roulette.


When placing a bet on the outside bets like odd / even numbers, red / black numbers or 1 to 18 / 19 to 36 you have the highest odds of winning. In European roulette with a single 0 (zero), you will win in 18 out of 37 cases (48.6%), giving you an almost 50% chance to win.

On the other hand, when placing a bet on a single number such as “14” or “31”, your odds of winning are lowest, with just one win every 37 bets (2.7%).


Does this mean that roulette is an unfair game when you place a bet on a single number? No, of course not, because the payout is much higher when you win: You’ll get 35x your wager plus your initial bet. In fact, in the long run it doesn’t matter if you bet on even numbers or on a single number. Your expected value of each bet is always -2.7% in European roulette.


Personally, I prefer betting just on red and black numbers. That way, I’ll win almost every second bet. Of course I won’t win huge sums, but I can play for a long time with my funds, and that’s what I suggest to you, too.

Good luck!



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PS:When playing roulette online, always play European roulette, because there is only one 0 (as opposed to the American version with also a double-zero). This reduces the house advantage by 50%. For example, you could check out the European Roulette tables at Betonline and get the $5,000 match play bonus.