4 Warning Signs that You Could Have a Gambling Problem

We all want to feel in control of our lives. That’s why only very few people will admit that they have a problem with their addiction. This must not be gambling, it can also be smoking, sports or work.

It can be tough to find out if you have a gambling problem without the help from outside. So have a look at these four warning signs. If only one applies to you, you should consider getting external help.

Warning sign 1: You play secretly or you don’t tell your best friend/your partner how much money you are losing. If you don’t have a gambling problem, why should you hide your gambling habit to the persons you love most?

Warning sign 2: You lose control while gambling: Do you regularly play until you have lost your last dollar in your online wallet? Do you have a problem to stop playing during a session?

Warning sign 3: Your friends / partner / family has tried to talk with you about your gambling habits: Think about it. Addiction is a very sensitive subject. Why should a person who cares about you mention this subject if he or she doesn’t think that you could have a problem?

Warning sign 4: You play with money that you cannot afford to lose: When playing for fun, you should only play with money that you can afford to lose. Once you start trying to recoup your losses, or spend money that you should use to pay bills, then it’s getting dangerous. Thinking about selling own stuff, or even stealing things to get money to gamble are signs that you probably have a gambling problem.


Do you want to test if you have a gambling problem? So head over to Gamblers Anonymous and answer these 20 questions.

Good luck!



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PS: So you think that you don’t have a gambling problem and were just unlucky during the past few games? Then maybe you should just consider playing at another casino. Check out this table here for a list of current promotions and no deposit bonus offerings for your country.