3 Myths About Gambling Addiction

Let’s talk about a more serious and sensitive subject today: gambling addiction. Gambling can mean lots of fun when done occasionally. But like many other things, if you start doing it too often, and if your thoughts only circle around that one thing, you might have a problem and should get professional help.

Here are three myths about gambling:

MYTH 1: Gambling isn’t a problem for me because I can afford to lose money: It’s good to hear that you have enough money to spend online. But besides probably losing huge sums of money (what nice things could you have bought with that money?), having a gambling addiction doesn’t only mean that you could have financial problems. Think about the time spent online, which can have negative effects on your relationship, your work or your health.

MYTH 2: I’m not gambling daily, so I don’t have problem: While this is certainly better than playing each day, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have a gambling problem. In my next email, I’ll talk about warning signs, so you should read them carefully.

MYTH 3: I’m playing daily, but I could stop gambling instantly: Hm, so if you could stop gambling instantly, why do you gamble each day? Could you really uninstall your gaming software or stop visiting brick and mortar casinos and stop thinking about playing?


As you can see, talking about a gambling addiction is a very sensitive subject. Most people who are addicted wouldn’t confess that they have a gambling problem. And even if they are aware of a potential problem, they pretend that they could stop playing instantly and therefore could take care of their problem by themselves. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

If you want to read more about this subject, you can visit for example Gamblers Anonymous or this helpguide.

Good luck!



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