What are the 3 Most Popular Casino Games?

I once did a survey where I asked my readers to tell me the name of your favorite game. Many of you took the time to send me a message, and here is the distribution of the results of the top three games among the 74 replies that I’ve got:

  • Slots: 74.3%
  • Roulette: 14.9%
  • Black Jack: 10.8%


For me, this were quite surprising results. When I think of a casino, I see dealers at the Roulette and Black Jack tables, and only then I see the slots machines. But obviously most of you prefer playing at those one-armed bandits.


I wanted to dedicate the next couple of poststo these three games, and I wanted to start with Roulette. But as a clear majority of my readers favor Slots, we will of course start with slots. And speaking of slots, here is a great promotional offer that I’ve seen recently:​


Spinpalace Slots

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Spinpalace would be one of my favorites if I would play slots regularly. They have huge progressive jackpots; this means you get the chance to become a millionaire while gambling for just a few bucks.

Good luck!



Doctor Jackpot

PS: You can read more about slots in the slot machine section on DoctorJackpot.com.