What You Should Do When You Lose Too Much Money Too Quickly

So you’ve deposited $200 to your favorite online casino and less than an hour later, you have already lost the whole amount? I’m very sorry to hear this. So, that money is gone, but what can you do in order to avoid it to happen again and again?


Honestly, if you want to stop losing money in online casinos, then you have to stop playing at them. They earn money if you lose money, and as I’ve mentioned several times: in the long run, the gambling operators will win all of your funds.

However, to completely stop playing on slot machines or at the Blackjack or Roulette tables is probably not an option for you, because then also all the fun and excitement will be gone. So let’s have a look at the following tips on how you can avoid to lose your money too quickly:


Deposit Less

Simple, but very effective tip. The less you deposit, the less you can lose. Set yourself a limit on how much you can afford to lose each month. This might for example be $200. This means that you should deposit only $50 each week. Once that money is gone, you stop playing until the new week begins.


Wager Less

As I’ve mentioned before, bankroll management is the key strategy when gambling. If your bets are smaller, you can play longer until you will eventually lose all of your funds. So, if you play slots and each spin costs you 10 cents, reduce this bet to 5 cents. You’ll be able to play twice as long as previously with the same amount of money. Of course you will also only win half of the amount, but as we know in the long run, the bank wins all of your money.


Place Bets with Higher Chances to Win

Do you prefer playing Blackjack or Roulette over Slots? Well, then stick to the simple chances like red or black, or even and uneven numbers. This way, you can win much less, but you can play much longer than if you gamble by placing one or multiple bets on single numbers.


Play for Play Money

Some people can also have fun when playing for play money. Personally, I think that even when the game is exactly the same, the “feeling” is different when I play for play money instead of placing real bets. But you should test this out, as it can save you a lot of money.


Use Bonus / No Deposit Offerings

Another way to play longer is to receive bonus offers from the casino. They are usually much more generous with new players than with existing players. And that’s why you should think about trying out a new casino. Have a look at these exclusive offers and secure yourself a great deal when signing up at a new casino.

Good luck!



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