Which Casino Games Offer Good Odds?

I’ve mentioned this several times, but I’m going to repeat it here again: its’ not possible to make a long term profit from playing casino games. These games are all based on luck and on rules that are in favor of the casino.


On a sidenote: Texas Hold’em Poker is an exception to this, because you only pay a rake to the casino, but you play against other players.


If you have read my previous posts, you’ve seen me talking a lot about roulette. This game isn’t too bad with regards of odds when you play European roulette with just a single 0. For each one hundred dollars spent, you’ll win back $97.3, giving the house an advantage of 2.7%.


But there are other games with far better odds for players. Still, you’re going to lose, but the rate at which you lose (given that you use the perfect strategy), is far lower, with an edge for the casino of only about one percent.


I’m going to present you three of games with decent odds now.



Three Games with Decent Odds (Only About 1% House Advantage)


Black Jack: This is the best known of these three games with decent odds. Your goal is to have your cards to add up to a maximum of 21, and to have a higher sum than the dealer. Use these tips at your advantage:

  • Hit on 12 to 16 when the first card of the dealer is 7 or more
  • Stand on 13 to 16 when the dealer has 2 to 6
  • Don’t play fancy variants like Spanish 21 or 6 to 5 blackjack
  • Don’t take the insurance

Have a look at my ebook for a more in-depth strategy of Blackjack.


Craps: In this dice game, you roll two dice and depending on the added up sum it is determined whether the bettors on the pass line win or the ones on the don’t pass line do. The game is simple, and you can try it out for example in the 888casino.


Baccarat: This is a simple game depending on being dealt the right cards. It’s also associated with lots of glamour, and it can be played even with live dealers from home, for example at the 888 live dealer casino. Always bet on the banker, because then the house advantage is only about 1.1%, which is more than twice as low as with roulette.


Why don’t you try out one of these new games instead of sticking to your routine? Once you know the rules, you’ll enjoy better odds than with many other games.

Good luck!



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