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Why You Should Try to Gamble with Bitcoins (and how to do it)

For sure you have heard of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that was invented in 2009. Born as an answer to the financial crisis, Bitcoins have the potential to shake up the worldwide financial system, similar to what happened to the business world in the past 20 years with the development of the internet.   Out of […]

4 Warning Signs that You Could Have a Gambling Problem

We all want to feel in control of our lives. That’s why only very few people will admit that they have a problem with their addiction. This must not be gambling, it can also be smoking, sports or work. It can be tough to find out if you have a gambling problem without the help […]

3 Myths About Gambling Addiction

Let’s talk about a more serious and sensitive subject today: gambling addiction. Gambling can mean lots of fun when done occasionally. But like many other things, if you start doing it too often, and if your thoughts only circle around that one thing, you might have a problem and should get professional help. Here are […]

What You Should Do When You Lose Too Much Money Too Quickly

So you’ve deposited $200 to your favorite online casino and less than an hour later, you have already lost the whole amount? I’m very sorry to hear this. So, that money is gone, but what can you do in order to avoid it to happen again and again?   Honestly, if you want to stop […]

Which Casino Games Offer Good Odds?

I’ve mentioned this several times, but I’m going to repeat it here again: its’ not possible to make a long term profit from playing casino games. These games are all based on luck and on rules that are in favor of the casino.   On a sidenote: Texas Hold’em Poker is an exception to this, […]

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What are the 3 Most Popular Casino Games?

I once did a survey where I asked my readers to tell me the name of your favorite game. Many of you took the time to send me a message, and here is the distribution of the results of the top three games among the 74 replies that I’ve got: Slots: 74.3% Roulette: 14.9% Black […]

Do You Know What a Live Dealer Casino is?

A couple of days ago we talked about the advantages of playing on your computer. No travelling, no waiting for free spots at the tables, and generous bonus offerings.   But playing on your computer can become boring, and you miss the glamorous atmosphere of live casinos. The solution to this are live dealer games, […]

Live Dealer at Grand Macao

4 Reasons Why You Should Play Online

I guess you are already playing online casino games, otherwise you wouldn’t have subscribed to my newsletter. But nonetheless, some of my subscribers prefer to play in brick and mortar casinos, while others online gamble online.   Personally, I enjoy both. I love the socializing, the drinks and the glamorous atmosphere in the “real” places. […]

What Minimum Deposit is Necessary to Play for Real Money?

First of all, you can play all the games except live dealer table games without any real money. And you can gamble with play money as long as you want. But is it fun? Maybe. And is it as thrilling as if you play for real money? No, unfortunately not. So that’s why most of […]