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Does the Doubling-Up Strategy in Blackjack Work?

Do you know the doubling-up strategy? I’ve talked about it before, that strategy is also known as the Martingale system. With this betting system, you place an initial bet, for example $5. If you lose, you double that bet to $10. If you lose, you double the bet again, this time to $20. And you […]

The 7 Types of Action at Blackjack Explained

When playing Blackjack, you can usually choose between 7 types of action when the turn is yours. Let’s have a closer look at them.   Bet: First, you have to choose how much you want to bet. The minimum and maximum bet that is possible depends on the table limit. The choice of how much […]

3 Variations of Blackjack You Should to Try Out

Let’s have a look at some Blackjack variations. I personally like Blackjack because, compared to Roulette, it has some strategic touch. Playing with the correct strategy increases your odds of winning and reduces the edge of the casino. Remember that in European Roulette, the house edge is 2.7%, while in Blackjack with the perfect strategy […]

Where Can I Play Blackjack?

The short answer to the question “Where can I play Blackjack” is “In every casino”. Blackjack is such a popular game that you can play it in every casino. Besides Slots and Roulette, it’s the most popular game in casinos.   Unfortunately, most of you (like me) don’t life close to a brick and mortar […]

How to Play Blackjack in 3 Minutes

Blackjack is a simple, but thrilling game. I’ll explain you in a few words the basic principle of the game, so that you can start playing in just a few minutes.   Value of the Cards Blackjack is played with the standard casino cards, ranging from 2 to 10, followed by Jack, Queen, King and […]

Why Playing Blackjack is so much Fun

Personally, I love to play blackjack. I often play at the Jackpot City Casino, because it offers a wide choice of different blackjack games and it’s even possible to play multi-hand tables and play four boxes simultaneously.   Why I like that game so much? First of all, the turnover of the hands is very […]