Are Casinos Really Giving Away Money for Free?

Visit any random casino homepage, and you will see bonus offers like this one here where you “Get $,1600 for free”. Doesn’t this sound too good to be true? Are operators really giving away money for free?


Of course these are businesses that want to make money by offering you some fun, but taking your money in the end. What you see on their websites are promotions where they want you to play at their casino. They want you to lose your money to them, not to other operators. That’s the sad truth. And what they do is, they lure you with such promotions. So they try to convince you with a great bonus offering to start playing at their casino. This might cost them lots of money in the beginning. But as we all know: in the end, the house gets all the money because we talk about games of luck where the house always has an edge against the average player.


Does this mean that these promotions are worthless and that you should stay away from them? No, not at all. In the end, it’s similar to when you buy a new car. You can either pay the full price, or ask the car dealer for a discount. You’ll get that discount only if you ask for it. The result is the same: you get a new car. But you paid a lower price when you negotiated a discount for it.

And it’s similar with casinos. If you decide to play and deposit money, then you should use one of these generous bonus offerings. This will increase your bankroll and thus enable you to have more fun and for a longer time than without such an offer.

Good luck!



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