Why Playing Blackjack is so much Fun

Personally, I love to play blackjack. I often play at the Jackpot City Casino, because it offers a wide choice of different blackjack games and it’s even possible to play multi-hand tables and play four boxes simultaneously.


Why I like that game so much? First of all, the turnover of the hands is very fast. This means that I get lots of action. And if I lose a hand, I can almost instantly get another chance to win. Compared to roulette, I feel that I get more action with blackjack.


And compared to roulette, there are some strategic elements in the game of blackjack. It’s not just pure luck, it’s me deciding if I want to see another card or not.


Another reason why I love blackjack is the smaller house edge. When using the perfect strategy, you can play for hours with only a small bankroll, and have even then the chance to leave the table with a net win. In American roulette, the house edge is about 5.3%, while in blackjack, using the perfect strategy, the house edge is less than 1%. Combined with a huge bonus, it’s even possible to earn money with playing blackjack.


To sum it up, I love playing blackjack due to the fast games full of action, the strategies that I can use and the higher chances to win due to the lower house edge. What about you? When did you play blackjack for the last time? I suggest to try it our right now: head over to Jackpot City Casino and who knows – maybe we will be playing at the same table!

Good luck!



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